Who are Petals and Pipes?

Dana Frazier Meyer and Pizo Meyer

Dana attended the University of Texas at Austin where she received her degree in Fine Arts. Beginning each piece with no plan and focusing on the paint and process, she creates layered pieces that suggest places, emotion, and movement. Her work has been selected for numerous invitational shows and juried events. Currently, her paintings are available exclusively at Feliz Interiors in Houston, Texas.

In 1993, Pizo began working on his own comic strip called SICKNESS & IN HEALTH which was released in several issues of Roman Dirge's XENOPHOBE series in San Diego. Once relocating back to Houston, he developed and created a new comic called SEED. Along with being a published comic artist, he experiments with ink and ink techniques creating highly detailed surreal ink drawings. His work has been selected for several juried exhibitions and he is currently drawing for Pulp 21 Comics.

Years after being in high school art class together, Pizo and Dana began working together at Mother Dog Studios in 2010. Currently, they are both working out of their home studio in Houston, Texas. Both artists begin their pieces without a predetermined plan, autonomous drawing and painting is how each piece develops. The creative energy between the two keeps them inspired.